About CADT Photography.

CADT Photography aka The Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust, Est in 1998, is a Family Owned and Operated Art Studio with an Interest in Health Policy, Culture and Community Development. 

James' Undergraduate Degree a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Religious and English Studies from ECU. The academic practice in the Religious Studies Department was the phenomenology of religion including the the Abrahamic traditions and a focus on Research Methods, Psychology and Education. 

James completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion at Curtin University in 1993 and has worked within the Health Policy, Research and Evaluation areas within the NGO and Charity Sectors. James was employed as a Health Promotion Officer with the Asthma Foundation of Victoria and a Research Assistant in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Sydney.

James began a journey into Photography when in 1998 he was given a professional level Nikon film camera in exchange for some pretty groovy house furnishings when leaving the Emerald City aka Sydney.

After a few years of events and landscape photography, in 2002, James completed the Graduate Diploma of Communications (Photomedia) at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Mt Lawley and was accredited as a Journalist with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. 

At university the focus was on film processing and the then emerging digital photography industry. James' Portrait image making is informed by the work of August Sander (Germany), Dorothea Lange (USA), Diane Arbus (USA), and Alfred Stieglitz (USA) while his landscapes are inspired by the work of the great Ansell Adams.

 Upon graduation James invested in a Nikon D70 and embarked on a journey in making images of people and landscapes that involved travel as a photojournalist around Australia and overseas to Asia, Europe, South & North America and New Zealand where he completed the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the English Language Academy at the University of Auckland.

About Caer-Awen.

Caer in the Keltic, signifies fortress and here it signifies empirical (scientifically provable) Truth as the foundation of wisdom and cultural understanding.

Awen also from the Keltic, is the Holy Awen, an often fleeting, inspirational, mystical gift of knowledge and understanding that, the Kelts say, comes unbidden from the hands of the Gods.

In the monotheistic traditions, Awen signifies the Holy Spirit or a mystical intervention of God that occurs as the result of prayer or through an “Act of God” that alters the course of a situation by initiating a mitigation of pain, grief, and the removal of harmful effects of a state of affairs!

Together, Caer-Awen signals a binary opposition, the place that balances, between light and dark, two ends of a continuum, the space and time conjunction where all exists as one.

“Awen: (usually, Holy or Sacred Awen) lit., the Muse or sacred poetic gift of inspiration; as used by the bards, the personified creative spirit.” From: Keneally, P. (1990) “The Hawk’s Grey Feather” Grafton: London, U.K. (p.452)

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