James has always believed in giving back to the Community, directly with meaningful helping hands rather than extravagant shows of self promotion. From a solid and dependable Pioneer Family in Australia, see page 26 below of the Corrigin Chronicle, James' Grandfather was William George Rendell of Wandoo Farm in Corrigin.

James' Maternal Great Grandfather, Sydney Charles Gill, is pictured below in Clare, South Australia in the late 1890s with his Trotter, Jemina. James Grandfather, Howard James Gill, from Hampton Plains Farm, Corrigin was well known for organising many busy bees in which the town came together to harvest a crop to support a farmer who was injured or suffering from illness.

James followed this example through Volunteer work in the Anglican & Uniting Churches and running Youth Groups, including in 1985, the largest Wilderness Camp for Young People in the Bunbury Diocese of the Anglican Church. These Youth Leadership roles resulted in James being named the Young Australian of the Year for the Corrigin Shire in 1986.

James Has worked as a Volunteer for the following Organisations:

St Matthews Anglican Church, Corrigin WA (1980s-1987), Bunbury Diocese Youth Ministry Advisory Committee (1986), Youth Synod Action Group, Perth Anglican Diocese (1986), Anglican Volunteer Service (1987), Churches Commission on Education Chaplaincy Training (1987), Baptist Theological College, Certificate of Youth Leadership Training Course (1987), WA AIDS Council (1992), Victorian AIDS Council (1994), Asthma Foundation of Victoria (1984), Australian Association of Heath Promotion Professionals, Victoria (1984), Brunswick LETS (1995-96), Mitchell Tyrie Teddy Bears, Melbourne (1996-97), AIDS Foundation of New Zealand, World AIDS Day PhotoShoot (2004), Talkabout Magazine, People Living with HIV/AIDS NSW (2005), WA Rep and Photographer, Adelaide Conference, National Association of People with AIDS (2005), Bears Perth (2005-07), People Living with HIV/AIDS WA Inc (2005-2007), Inclusion Disability Group (2005-2007), OPI Perth (2005-2022), Alphabet Soup Community TV Show Melbourne (2010-11), Yvonne Gardner's Positive Attitude Lunch Club, Melbourne (2008-2011), Friends of Palestine WA (2013-2015), Artists for Palestine (2014), Tranz4mations (2015-2018), HIV Institute of WA (2018), Friends of the WA AIDS Memorial Group (2018-Current), HIV Consumer Alliance of WA (2018-Current), Al-Falaq Photography (Current)

 A pivotal influence in James' early career was the example set by Dr Geraldine Elliott of the Asthma Foundation of Victoria who formalised this concept of the in kind Sponsorship Programs. Following this example CADT Photography has a long standing tradition of offering in kind Sponsorships by providing a documentary photography service for Not for Profit or Volunteer Organisations running public events to highlight issues of public importance, when we support the issue.

CADT Photography is a leading grassroots Organisation in the area of Public Health Sector making free Health Promotion materials for Volunteer Support Groups. The gallery below contains some of the health promotion educational materials made by CADT Photography. 

Community Events for Organisations.

We understand that photographs are an important way to document community history and our media coverage is an important way to make sure after an event the issue is seen and heard by decision makers and influencers in the public policy making sector. This is especially important in an age where the Lamestream Media fails to cover important community events, matters of public interest, human rights issues and corruption that the controllers wish to sweep under the carpet.

This is why We have a Sponsorship Program to document public events to highlight issues of public importance, especially if we support the issue, run by Not for Profit or Volunteer Organisations. To access our in kind Photography Sponsorship Program Contact Us using our form above with your "application".

To support the Muslim Ummah, we choose to promote Muslim businesses who share our values, have products or services we like or who genuinely display good citizenship in the Community. We prefer to support local organisations that support local grassroots initiatives or events.

Please note, We do charge a fee to photograph Large Commercial Arts festivals and Cultural Events run by large funded groups or for profit organisations. 

CADT Photography is proud to Sponsor the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA. (HCAWA)

HIV and BBV Virus have a large impact upon People effected by the conditions. Long term survivors have a range of injuries from experimental substances along with side effects from current medications. Stigma, Discrimination and intra Community Bullying have huge impacts that results in complex trauma and the vast majority of grassroots people are unsupported by the outdated, toxic, PR driven NGOs. 

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA is a Volunteer Peer to Peer Support Group that Welcomes People without discrimination, judgement or factional voting decision making processes. HCAWA recognises that HIV & BBV Virus Diagnosis is often associated with complex trauma from difficult life events. The Organisation is a friendly informal and private social group, not a pickup site, events are not held in public venues which serve alcohol and abusive behaviour or bullying is not tolerated.

For more information about the HCAWA go here!