Al Falaq Photography

Al Falaq Photography

Al Falaq Photography was established on the 24-02-24 and is CADT Photography's latest Brand Name.

Al-Falaq Photography’s mission is to provide a artisan client focused Muslim Photography service within an Islamic Centre for Teaching and Learning. To this end, there are Salat Learning Guides for Speakers of English as a First Language and with translations of prayers and invocations to help with memorisation and to demystify Islam for non Muslims.

Our aim is to help people enhance their relationship with God and achieve a greater expression of faith through our resources designed to assist learning while giving "tips" for people wanting to learn the Arabic Language!

This website will provide Islamic resources, such as a Salat in English Salat that is being "designed" for non Arabic Reverts that you can see on the menu on the right and Links to other Muslim Community groups. The lived experience of reverts is very different to those who are brought as Muslims and so it is hoped that this website will provide some humble assistance for brothers and sisters who are new to the faith or seeking a deeper understanding about Islam.

The Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust aka CADT Photography is the copyright owner of Al-Falaq Photography. Photographs from Events such as the Rallies to Support the People of Occupied Palestine are displayed at Al Falaq Photography.

To build social capital, highlight issues of importance to Muslims and engage in community development, Al-Falaq Photography's Archives include Free Photos captured at the not for profit, Volunteer or Grassroots Events we attend. Check out our Photo Archives here where you can see our Event Galleries.

Please note, we do not do candid photography at rallies or public events as we know it is important to obtain appropriate consent and our editing process smudges out the faces of background people to protect privacy.

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