CADT Health Policy Unit

The CADT Health Policy Unit was established in 2002 in order to translate an Interest in Health Policy, Culture and Community Development in concrete practical action. CADT has worked with a number of Independent Community Groups to write submissions to Parliament and Discussion Papers that go hand in hand with Health Promotion Materials which have been distributed to the public via our online media platforms.

Once again, The CADT Health Policy Unit with our network of associated groups and individuals are the leading Grassroots voice in Western Australia in the development of human rights based health care policies, ones that really close the gap and leave no one behind. The CADT Health Policy Unit condemns the pandemic of bullying in health care and we advocate for the whole sale restructure of the ancient wasteful systems, aka the Gravy Trains, that prey on citizens and waste tax payer funds on office chairs for fat cats rather than on care for sick people.

On this page are a sample of some of the work that has been Sponsored by CADT Photography's Health Policy Unit!