Canberra ACT 2004

The #photographs at the top of the page are of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the images in the bottom Galleries are from Australia's Nullabor Plain in 2004.

Canberra is one of the possible stops on the drive from Sydney to Perth and so we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Australian Parliament House and other notable buildings include the High Court of Australia and the National Art Gallery.

Please note these images were collected with a Nikon E5700 because this was the "digital dinosaur" era before the D70 was released which was a revolution in citizen photography and as a result getting images crisp and clear inside the Parliament House was a very difficult task.

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of curated camera proofs and for narrative context the young man in the Nike shirt was Kye from the UK who was a snack packer who hitched a lift from Sydney and who got dropped off in South Australia.

The following Galleries contain a small number of images collected along the Nullabor including Balladonia Rd House, Norseman, the Straightest Rd in Australia and the "Best little Car in the World".

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