Edinburgh Scotland 2004

Edinburgh Scotland 2004

These #photographs are from Edinburgh in Scotland, UK and were taken on April 6 & 7, 2004 and include images of Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of 12 images from the curated camera proofs, below, for narrative context.

Above and Below: These are James' photographs from a jet lagged Day One in the Capital of Scotland that include views of Edinburgh Castle from below with the first images captured in the Sunshine of Leith.

The Man in Black in the images is Douglas Hall, James' host from Leith. James met Douglas in Sydney where they wandered around Sydney collecting photographs and travelled to Melbourne to the Oz Open! James is grateful for Douglas' welcome and for being a great travel guide in Scotland. 

Wandering around Leith was a special time that brought the album "Sunshine on Leith" by the Proclaimers to life. The album's songs were famous in Australia in James' university days in 1988, so being in Leith, the place sung about, was fun with a touch of nostalgia for the days of carefree youth.

Indeed, James so it turned out, was the man who flew 500 miles and then 500 miles miles more to be the man who flew more than 1000 miles to hang around with a camera in Bonnie Scotland and he has wonderful photos to prove it!

The Proclaimer's Lyrics State "While the Chief, puts Sunshine On Leith, I'll thank him for his work, And your birth and my birth". James is thankful and the richer for the memories of Douglas in Australia and in Scotland and wishes Dougie well where ever he may be.

Above and Below: These photographs are Day Two in Edinburgh and begin in the City with photographs of the domed ceiling of the Royal Bank of Scotland and then onto the Royal Mile commencing at the the gates of Edinburgh's Castle.

One of the must things to do in Edinburgh is to walk the Royal Mile from the Castle to The Palace of HolyroodHouse. 

In the gallery below the spectacular glass windows are in St Giles Cathedral. The contrasting features of the city from the old world buildings to the cobbled stones of the narrow streets were a great experience all while Navigating the sea of people and avoiding photographs packed with tourists! 

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