Leaving Sugar Mountain

Leaving Sugar Mountain is CADT Photography's Headline Act Video Making Brand on Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee.com

Leaving Sugar Mountain Makes Videos about Education, Homeschooling, Free Speech, The Corrupt Political Establishment, Human Rights, Entertainment/Propaganda, with a focus on Sexology, Health Promotion & Politics! 

"They are not Afraid of Speech, They are afraid of you, Free"! - We said this!

"They Shall Not Divide Us - Together we are One" - Мэри Джейн Сестра

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

About Leaving Sugar Mountain

We believe that there is NO Right/Left Paradigm amongst the hidden rulers at the top of the food chain & their visible Overseers. It is clear that the Corrupt Political Establishment are all in bed together having a “UniParty” but the only people being screwed are grassroots people from all works of life.

We’re interested in the human search for meaning in this uncertain world. We’re not interested in the Faux Culture War but we are interested in developing ideas & contributing to Conversations within the Communities we work in.

We believe the most scientifically accurate, inclusive, fair & balanced and therefore the Best, Correct terminology to use is the “LGB, HIV & Trans Communities”. This respects all the competing ideologies and refrains from unnecessary insult while avoiding being forced into using the ever changing alphabet soup which even professionals find hard to comprehend.

For more information go to Our Website at https://LeavingSugarMountain.com

Here are some examples of videos made by Leaving Sugar Mountain.

Men's Health How Marxism in Public Health is Killing Straight Men

This is Leaving Sugar Mountain's First "Exclusive Made for Bitchute" Video entitled "Men's Health How Marxism in Public Health is Killing Straight Men!"

Why We Must Stand with Palestine Ayman Qwaider

In this video we begin with a 2014 speech by Ayman Qwaider given at the Friends of Palestine Rally in Perth. Next is a short video describing how for 54 years Palestinians are living in a brutal Totalitarian Military Occupation by a Foreign Power with no end in sight! Finally we present an article "Why We Must Stand with Palestine by Shabbir Lakha from: https://www.counterfire.org/articles/opinion/22308-why-we-must-stand-with-palestine

Israel is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Global Ringleader - Helped by USA and Turkey.

This is a reading, with commentary, of the article "ISRAEL: Organ Trafficking Capital of the World". This uses Official Government Sources and Court Documents to demonstrate that "Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey and other countries, by Joachim Hagopian from: http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/06/israel-organ-trafficking-capital-of-the-world/

Warning Signs Of Abuse In Therapy

This is a reading of the article Warning Signs Of Abuse In Therapy from: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/counseling/warning-signs-of-an-abusive-counselor/

Therapy is a form of mental health care that individuals undertake to find support, care, and guidance but people need to be aware that counselling can be a dangerous exercise if you encounter an abusive therapist.

Here are the warning signs and remember you can always say No & this is especially true if you find yourself in a room with an over sexed gay who does not have the ability to control their predatory groomer instincts.


HIV Consumer Alliance WA

CADT Photography is proud to Sponsor the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA.

The following is a quote from the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA's website:

"The HIV Consumer Alliance of Western Australia is a Peer to Peer based Independent Non-Aligned Research Hub providing Information & Educational Materials to support the Health and Wellbeing of People Living with HIV/AIDS & BBV and affected People including the families/friends/partners of Positive People in WA.

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA is a Volunteer Support Group that does not receive any funding from Government or the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our Organising Committee are NOT Members or Clients of the WA AIDS Council #WAAC or #POWA the NAPHWA Support Group for WA.

The System of Public Health utilising unaccountable and unregulated Non Government Organisations to deliver Support Services for People Living with and affected by HIV and BBV, has failed. An AIDS Gravy Train Culture, often called the NAPWHA Gravy Plane, has resulted in outdated service organisations that are no longer fit for purpose. Longstanding entrenched toxic leadership cultures and policies that Protect staff, even when they are caught red handed harming clients, are not safe and effective for anyone and this is why the AIDS #WalkAway is real.

The Gravy Train in the AIDS Industry results from small ideologically based factions controlling access to Support Services. The Majority of  positive people in Western Australia including Heterosexual & Bisexual Men are unrepresented in Leadership and choose not to access services from the mainstream Organisations due to the cultures that discriminate against anyone who is not in the controlling factions.

One of the key complaints about the Gravy Train culture is that tax payer funded programs are set up in such a way that Protected Staff and their friends receive benefits. There are no independent regulated complaints mechanisms to protect the rights of positive people in WA and this is why the majority of People with HIV and BBV have walked away and this is the reason why WA AIDS Council of WA and NAPWHA struggle to get people to attend their support groups.  

Many HIV+ People and those with BBV suffer from chronic Health conditions that result in compromised quality of life and many long term survivors are on low incomes. Lest we Forget, many long term survivors live with injuries caused by experimental HIV & BBV medications.

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA would like to see a root and branch restructure of the BBV and STI sector in WA based around the merger of services into a state of the art, world class, regulated Perth Sexual Health Clinic and Community Hub for Advocacy and Support Groups.

This is a proven model based around the Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic that has decades of safe and effective treatment and prevention programs. A New and Improved Community Hub would allow for non discriminatory support programs to prevent a broad range of needs including early intervention for Domestic Violence.

It’s well known that the LGB HIV and Trans Community has an epidemic of Domestic Violence. There are studies in which over 75% of HIV+ people have reported experiencing Domestic Violence yet AIDS Organisations in Western Australia have refused grassroots positive people’s requests to formulate Domestic Violence Prevention Campaigns and Early Intervention Programs to prevent the harmful health consequences.

In real terms, this unacceptable disinterest means Gay, Bi, Trans and Heterosexual Men in WA are being forced to live permanently within Violent Relationships with no where to go for help. The AIDS Industry knows that Many Male Domestic Violence Victims end up in hospital or homeless living on the Streets. 

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA want to see fairness in tax payer funded Service delivery, without the side dish of toxic bullying for the vast majority of HIV+ People in WA who are choosing not to engage with the toxic, wasteful and harmful organisational structures that taxpayer funds are supporting in Western Australia.

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA is unfunded and unsupported by any funded organisation. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy towards the public health policies that are harmful to health and include trauma based mind control to control rather than support People Living with HIV & BBV in WA.

Unlike those that don’t, We take duty of care & consent seriously so we will never refer any positive person to groups which we feel are unsafe but very effective at factional bullying and harassment. Our Policy is to include ALL people and we do not tolerate discrimination on any grounds, including religion. We believe that people should be free to practice the religion of their choice so long as they do not harm other people. 

The HIV Consumer Alliance of Western Australia will not provide referrals for support to the WA AIDS Council or NAPHWA’s Support Group in WA due to serious allegations from Positive People regarding, what they have described to us, as toxic harmful cultures that include factional bullying, discriminatory access policies and inappropriate behaviour by Staff!"



CADT Health Policy Unit

The CADT Health Policy Unit was established in 2002 in order to translate an Interest in Health Policy, Culture and Community Development in concrete practical action. CADT has worked with a number of Independent Community Groups to write submissions to Parliament and Discussion Papers that go hand in hand with Health Promotion Materials which have been distributed to the public via our online media platforms.

Once again, The CADT Health Policy Unit with our network of associated groups and individuals are the leading Grassroots voice in Western Australia in the development of human rights based health care policies, ones that really close the gap and leave no one behind. The CADT Health Policy Unit condemns the pandemic of bullying in health care and we advocate for the whole sale restructure of the ancient wasteful systems, aka the Gravy Trains, that prey on citizens and waste tax payer funds on office chairs for fat cats rather than on care for sick people.

On this page are a sample of some of the work that has been Sponsored by CADT Photography's Health Policy Unit! 

Al Falaq Photography

Al Falaq Photography

Al Falaq Photography was established on the 24-02-24 and is CADT Photography's latest Brand Name.

Al-Falaq Photography’s mission is to provide a artisan client focused Muslim Photography service within an Islamic Centre for Teaching and Learning. To this end, there are Salat Learning Guides for Speakers of English as a First Language and with translations of prayers and invocations to help with memorisation and to demystify Islam for non Muslims.

Our aim is to help people enhance their relationship with God and achieve a greater expression of faith through our resources designed to assist learning while giving "tips" for people wanting to learn the Arabic Language!

This website will provide Islamic resources, such as a Salat in English Salat that is being "designed" for non Arabic Reverts that you can see on the menu on the right and Links to other Muslim Community groups. The lived experience of reverts is very different to those who are brought as Muslims and so it is hoped that this website will provide some humble assistance for brothers and sisters who are new to the faith or seeking a deeper understanding about Islam.

The Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust aka CADT Photography is the copyright owner of Al-Falaq Photography. Photographs from Events such as the Rallies to Support the People of Occupied Palestine are displayed at Al Falaq Photography.

To build social capital, highlight issues of importance to Muslims and engage in community development, Al-Falaq Photography's Archives include Free Photos captured at the not for profit, Volunteer or Grassroots Events we attend. Check out our Photo Archives here where you can see our Event Galleries.

Please note, we do not do candid photography at rallies or public events as we know it is important to obtain appropriate consent and our editing process smudges out the faces of background people to protect privacy.

Click on the Al Falaq Logo to go there in a new window.