Bondi NSW 2003

Bondi NSW 2003

These #Photographs of Bondi Beach include North Bondi up to Tamarama and were taken over the course of a number of visits to Bondi Beach in NSW in 2003. 

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of colour edited images and below, are the curated camera proofs for narrative context.

Thanks to Glen Hogan for arranging the fabulous Lunch at Bondi Icebergs. The food was glorious and as you can see from the images the plates looked like works of art.

These include some chance photographs of Television Presenters, Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton, after they announced their engagement, which is why there are pictures of a lady's hands and ring! 

Other visits to Bondi were with Tim Rowson for the Kite Festival and with Greg Guthenberg to Sculpture by the Sea 2003, which is technically Bondi to Tamarama but the photos are included here.

From a professional development standpoint, James learned a lot about Art & Photography practice from an afternoon spent with Sydney Photographer, Murray Hilton, at his home studio in Bondi.

One influence, is seen in the small object photographs in the gallery below, and this lived experience has been incorporated into James' art photography practice since.

Small object photographs require an ability to focus on, or spotting of, details, often missed by the superficial or material gaze, that the action of photography is able to transport into the larger sized dimensions humans live in, so thanks Muz!

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