Byron Bay Pony Club 2003

Byron Bay Pony Club 2003

These #photographs are a curated set of camera proofs from a Byron Bay Pony Club Gymkhana in the Spring of 2003.

James was driving a hire car along a country road near Byron Bay and saw this gymkhana and as a spur of the moment thing decided to stop and take some photographs.

The narrative in these photographs is designed to privilege the horses which is why human heads are likely to be cropped before the horses so there is a real sense that this was an experimental shoot.

The real stars of this shoot are the beautiful and well behaved horses. There was no bucking or biting and they were very co-operative considering the heat of the day and the types of activities required! 

The camera was a pre D70 era Nikon E5700 which would never be considered ideal to capture images from moving horses! 

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